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Carla Stellweg is an independent consultant specializing in Latin American and Latinx art and artists. Throughout her career, she has worked as a museum and non-profit director, writer, editor, curator, and professor. Carla is considered a pioneer promoter and facilitator in Latin American international contemporary art. She was and continues to be instrumental in introducing many young and mid-career artists from Latin America, Latinx-U.S., Cuba and the Caribbean producing conceptual, socially-engaged art in both new and traditional media, either working in New York or from around the world.


Starting her career in the mid 1960s, she was assistant curator for Fernando Gamboa during Expo67 in Montreal, Hemisfair68, San Antonio, TX, the Venice Biennial and Expo70, Osaka, Japan. Then in the 1970s Carla was the co-founder and editor of the first bilingual quarterly avant-garde Contemporary Art Journal at el Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico, Artes Visuales*. The magazine is even today recognized for its seminal introduction of international, cutting-edge, and conceptual art in an editorial approach that welcomed the offbeat significant visual culture of those times. She has since then published and lectured widely on a variety of topics and significant artists within the field (bibliographical details upon request).


Ever since her move to New York in 1982, Carla established herself as a prime point of contact for all related to Latin American art. After over 35 years of existence, her loft on East Houston Street in SoHo has been a welcoming platform for innumerable Pan-American artists, curators, collectors, and arts professionals at all levels. She has been a professor in the Department of Visual Critical Studies and Art History at the School of Visual Arts in New York from 2005-2022, where she taught a course on What is Latin American & Latinx Art?. She continues to act as an occasional visiting professor at various universities and institutions in Latin America. 


Since co-founding, directing, and editing the first bilingual contemporary arts journal in Latin America, Artes Visuales (1973-1981), Carla has written numerous published texts on a variety of significant topics and artists of the Americas.



The Carla Stellweg Archive contains historically relevant Latin American and Latinx-U.S. art, ephemera, and documentation. In 2010, the Stanford University Library – Special Collections purchased Carla's 40-year professional archive, documenting her curatorial work, writing, and other professional activities. Among the materials are exhibition catalogs, correspondence, publications, photographic materials, and administrative records. It continues to be updated periodically.

In 2015, her collection of ephemera, artists' books, mail art, rare portfolios, prints, magazines, and documentation was acquired by the Museum of Modern Art for several of its departmental collections.

Below is a partial list of artists that Carla has worked with in the past, some of which she continues to work with in the present, in addition to those she has bought and sold privately and at auction, starting in the early 1980s with her selling of Frida Kahlo works and Remedios Varo.

Inside one of the galleries of Rufino Tamayo solo at Venice Biennial, 1968 (custom made sh




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